It was believed that Kendrick Lamar was banning cell phones at his concerts and only allowing professional photographers.


According to updated reports, the rappers representatives have denied the ban claming that the story “isn’t true,” and that fans can continue to use their phones while at Lamar’s concerts.


Lamar joins high-profile acts with similar policies, including Alicia Keys, Guns N’ Roses, Jack White, and the late Prince, who famously wouldn’t even allow interviews to be recorded.


Last month, Jack White began his stand against the use of smartphones during one of his shows. For White, his stance stems from his desire to provide “one hundred percent human experience” for his fans.


There were reports that Lamar’s decision for banning the use of smartphones at his concerts were an “attempt to protect his valuable ‘brand’ and ensure the appetite for tickets remains keen.”


Kendrick Lamar is fresh off the release of Black Panther: The Album, a soundtrack that he curated and produced for Marvel’s superhero film.


Over the weekend Kendrick Lamar took to twitter and posted a tweet thanking the producers of Marvel’s upcoming Black Panther for letting him put together the movie’s official soundtrack. The star-studded soundtrack includes collaborations with The Weeknd, SZA, James Blake, Vince Staples and many more.








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