Mike Epps Is Being Investigated Over Kangaroo On Stage

Mike Epps Is Being Investigated Over Kangaroo On Stage

by | 4th April 2017
Mike Epps.

Comedian Mike Epps might be in trouble with the U.S. Department of Agriculture for bringing a kangaroo on stage during a comedy show in Detroit.


He was performing at the Festival of Laughs comedy tour on March 31. While he was on stage, a man came out with a kangaroo on a leash. Mike persuaded the handler to make the kangaroo a part of the show, and video shows Mike and the handler both roughly yanking on the animal’s leash. The handler also lifted up the kangaroo several times and one of the times it started throwing punches.



The U.S. Dept of Agriculture is investigating to make sure the kangaroo was not injured during the incident.


According to TMZ, there are a lot of people at the show that felt like the animal was mistreated.


Javon Stacks, the kangaroo’s handler, told reporters that the animal is part of a traveling exotic zoo, and said he has the proper licenses for the kangaroo.


On April 2, Mike, while facing backlash posted a mea culpa on Instagram.



Glad to see Mike Epps showing some remorse for his actions on stage with the kangaroo but the questions I’d like to know is, why allow the kangaroo handler bring the kangaroo on stage during a comedy show?