2Baba Expresses His Thoughts On African Liberation

Veteran Nigerian artiste, 2Baba has shared his thoughts on African liberation and young people taking over power from old African leaders.

The singer took to Twitter earlier today, November 3, 2020, where in a series of tweets stated that “open eye” has made Africans think “their things are inferior and foreign accent is intelligence”.

He further went on to say that African liberation is a serious problem for people who have wronged Africa and people who wish to continue to ‘rape’ Africa, added that Africans leaders are out of ideas and too proud to ask young people to take over because they’ve done “bad things” in government.

He tweeted:

“ÒPEN ?YE” in pidgin English mean say u sabi oyibo thing and u dey live oyibo life. “ÒPEN ?YE” don wound us plenty. E make us think say London or yanky accent na intelligence. E make us think say our things na inferior. E make generally no like ourselves.”

Read his tweets below: