She’s not even Princess yet , but it looks like Meghan  Markle is already letting her family know that OYO ( on your own ) is the music that’ll play soon as she says “I DO ” ,  according to the Royal biographer she hasn’t  sent an invite to any member of her family .


As of just 24 hours ago, not one member of the Markle family was invited,” he told Inside Edition. “I’ve spoken to members of the family and asked, ‘Is the father going?’ and they told me not one member of the Markle family has been invited.”

He said he believes Meghan’s mother, Gloria, will walk her down the aisle in what he called “an extraordinary double act of mother and daughter.”

It  comes after Markles Half Sister “Samantha Grant”  slammed the actress for not inviting her family to the royal wedding.

It so turns out that Meghan also did not invite any member of her family for her first wedding  to film producer ” Trevor Engleson “.

Im just amused , as i know really well that such a thing will never be tolerated by Nigerian families , even though there are problems , they will always find a way to bury it , after all its not everyday a Real World Recognized Prince Marry’s a commoner , i for one would want to believe that this is a bad example Meghan is setting . When problems begin , you  won’t be able to call any member of family to your aid .

If theres some kind of problem squash it , its not only a symbolic gesture to have your family hand you over to another in marriage its a thing of blessed  memory and if truly Meghan isn’t inviting her family then she’s gonna be the coldest Ice Princess ever .

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