Adorable Elderly Couple Having Fun With ‘Water Bottle’ Prank

Adorable Elderly Couple Having Fun With ‘Water Bottle’ Prank

by | 5th April 2017
Marietta Spencer Tyks and Tommy Tyks.

Watching an elderly couple show their affection for one another is a lovely sight to behold but seeing them play pranks on each other is so adorable.


This was seen in a video featuring a grandma playing a trick on her husband which has gone viral.


The video shows Marietta Spencer Tyks and Tommy Tyks standing in the kitchen of their home. On the counter is an open water bottle, a penny, and a towel. A camera propped against the wall records the couple.


Tyks tells her husband she is about to show him a trick then places the water bottle over the penny, and covers the bottle with the towel, explaining every step to her husband in detail.


Tommy watches on with serious concentration, as though he’s about to witness a miracle. He even enthusiastically joins in when Tyks begins chanting the ‘magic words’ that she says will make the penny go inside the bottle.


After a few heartfelt rounds of ‘oogity-boogity,’ Tyks removes the towel and even double checks inside the bottle. ‘If you look down in there, the penny’s inside the bottle,’ she says confidently.


Tommy eagerly peers over to inspect whether his wife truly performed a magic trick, but his inspection is cut short when Tyks promptly squeezes the bottle, sending a jet stream of water shooting into her husband’s face.


Watch the video below:


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The video, which was originally posted to Tyks’s personal Facebook page on April 2, immediately went viral and currently has more than 27 million views.