Akon Helping In The Production Of His Son’s First EP

R&B singer Akon hasn’t had a single in years but he is still on the music scene as he is helping with the production of his son’s first EP.

The “Lonely” hitmaker’s 15-year-old boy, Jahvor, wants to follow his famous father into the charts, and the aspiring star, who will go by the name Jah, is preparing to release his first project on his dad’s Konvict Muzik label this June to coincide with African-American Music Appreciation Month.

One of the tracks has a sample leaked and it is called “Locked Away” which features Akon, and he explains there’s a deeper meaning behind the song’s subject matter.

“My son wrote the chorus and his verse to symbolize how a kid could be mentally ‘locked up’ and can’t escape the inevitable ways of the streets (and) becoming a product of the environment,” the proud dad said.

The 45-year-old, Akon, has six children with three different women. One of his other son, who is heading for stardom under the name Ty Pittman is featured on rap newcomer MattyBRaps‘ “Let’s Dance” track.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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