Asa Demands 300 Million Naira From Joeboy & Tempoe Over Copyright Infringement

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Asa has demanded fellow musician Joeboy and producer, Tempoe pay her N300 million over copyright infringement.

The notice served on September 30, claimed that Joeboy’s latest single “Contour” infringed on her “composition” copyright which was created in a studio session Asa had with Tempoe sometime in September 2020.

Asa’s lawyers demanded that the song be taken off all DSPs within 24 hours of receiving the letter. In addition to this, they also demanded that Joeboy and Tempoe address an apology to their client for the copyright breach while seizing any and all further infringements.

As a remedy for the damages, Asa is seeking 300,000,000 naira in damages as well as a 60% cut of the split sheet.

Joeboy appears to have received the news with relative ease as he dares Asa and her lawyers to do their worse.

On his Instagram story, he posted the letter with the caption “LOL (Laugh out loud)”.

He further indicated that he won’t take the claim lying down as he insists that his calm demeanor should not be taken for weakness. “Cos I dey always do love and light you think sey I be soft meat,” he posted on his Instagram story.

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