Asa’s Lucid: An Album Filled With Emotions

By Okpogan Tamaralayefa Praise

Bukola Elemide popularly known as Asa, is a Nigerian-French singer, recording artiste and song writer who recently released her fourth album titled “Lucid”.

‘Lucid’ which means ‘easy to understand’ or ‘expressed clearly,’ is an album inspired by her relationship and it explains the process of her emotions and feelings for her significant other. It also tells the story of how he let her down after being together for a long time. Each song on the album has its own unique meaning and feel.

On the tracks “Until We Try” and “You & Me”, Asa sings about how love makes you feel when it is fresh and in its first stage. Where you and your loved one feel this crazy adrenaline of love and wanting to always be together.

“I” which is the first song on the album shows how she constantly had to put in more effort than her significant other in the relationship. She had to keep reminding him that they both have to make the relationship work together.

In “Stay Tonight” and “Don’t Let Me Go”, she sings about how she had put their love above other things, even at the expense of her own happiness which began to wither. She still felt it but her partner was already losing faith in the relationship even though she kept pushing and trying to keep the relationship alive.

On the track “Torn”, she speaks about wanting to make the right decision for herself, whether to remain in the relationship or move on. At some point she felt like she made the wrong decision by being with him and she found out that it was pointless. In her words, “I am torn between evil and hurting you, No fun for a broken heart and i feel like such a fool”.

“Murder in the USA” talks about the end of the relationship for her. He finally gave up on her completely and she agreed to it. It was hard and emotional for her because she never actually wanted the relationship to end and now it has. She wasn’t able to talk to anyone about her pain and carried her burden by herself. In her own words, “Who’s gonna save me now I shot my lover and I ran away didn’t mean it to go this way”.

In “9 Lives” she tells us about her depression after the break up and sharing her pain with people who really did not understand her struggles. She was trapped in her thoughts and she felt like she was drowning in her pain but gradually she realized it was not her fault.

She finally found herself and was able to move on with her life. She made this clear on “Good Thing” and “Makes No Sense”.

The album was carefully put together and everyone could easily relate to the songs, because one way or the other we’ve all been taken for granted.

She wanted to make people feel her happiness, pain, depression and then finally her self empowerment at the end of everything… and that’s my opinion on Lucid.

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