Banky W Drops Visual For “Running After U” Featuring Nonso Amadi

Banky W Drops Visual For “Running After U” Featuring Nonso Amadi

by | 10th August 2018

Banky W has released the music video for his song “Running After U” which features Nonso Amadi.


‘Running After U’ was directed by Banky W himself and had cameos from some of your favorite celebrity couples.


In a message about the song, Banky says:


“Do you ever think about the fact that there aren’t too many celebrations of Married life on Music Television? There’s a lot of hooking up and twerking, there’s a lot of consummating and flirting, and there are a whole lot of proposals-and-wedding day music videos… but there aren’t too many celebrations of the married life that comes afterward.


In the “Running After U” song, I tried to tell the story of how my wife and I got together. And so 24 hours before we shot the video, I decided I wanted to use the video to celebrate the journey of marriage. And so I drastically altered the original casting plans last minute, and called up all my married friends who were in town, to come hang out on set, have some fun together, and celebrate the decision to attempt this thing called life together.


The journey of marriage isn’t always easy, but with the right person, every step ends up worth it. If there’s one thought I’d like for people to take away, it’s that… Nobody’s perfect, but you can be perfect for each other – you just have to find someone worth trying for. Run after her, then run with her, until you conquer “forever” together. And while you attempt to do this, don’t forget to have some fun.”


Watch the video below: