President Muhammadu Buhari has left the country for a four-day medical trip to the United Kingdom.


This was announced from Buhari’s official twitter handle to he was embarking a medical trip returning on May 12th. From Buhari’s team, the president met with his doctor on his way back from the United States. The doctor requested that he should come back for more further check-up which is from Buhari himself.


This will be the first time Buhari will be leaving for medical reasons since leaving for London for the same reasons nine months ago on August 2017 when he stayed for over a 100 days.


The Peoples Democratic Party, the official opposition criticized the move by Buhari saying the president is not well to carry out his duties as president. From a statement, the party said that it “put to rest speculation on the health status of the president, as well as his attendant inability to effectively govern”.






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