Burna Boy Reveals Toni Braxton Gets 60% Royalty From His Song ‘Last Last’

Nigerian singer and Grammy award winner Burna Boy has revealed that American singer, Toni Braxton gets 60% royalty from his song “Last Last”.

The ‘Ye’ croonee in his latest interview with the Million Dollar Worth of Game podcast, aired on Sunday, disclosed that it was his idea to sample her music.

He revealed that he always wanted to sample Toni Braxton’s 2000 R&B hit, “He Wasn’t Man Enough” and he eventually got music producer Chopsticks to make it happen.

He said, “It was actually my idea to be honest.

I just wanted to use that sample and I knew Chopstix could do something crazy with it. I just pointed that sh*t out and he took it from there. That’s one of the most creative processes ever.

“But she is taking 60 per cent of the sh*t. I’m not complaining. Hopefully, she even comes out to one of the shows.”

The revelation caused a stir on Twitter after the video posted by @Nateusborne went viral.

Sakpo, The Lucifer : Burna said Toni Braxton gets 60% of Last Last Royalties cos of the sample. Atlantic definitely gets at least 30 – 35% of the Royalties cos of the heavy promo & playlists they gave the song, leaving Burna’s earnings at less than 10%. The desperation to get a Global hit

Big Derah : Burna Boy said Toni Braxton is taking 60% of whatever he makes from Last Last, how much will Atlantic take? Then how much will he make? Lol.

Since its release, ‘Last Last’ has enjoyed wide success both in Nigeria and internationally and it’s the song’s popularity that contributed to shock the revelation generated on social media.