Chris Brown Says Police Harassed Him During His Yard Sale

Singer, Chris Brown was giving back to his fans as he organized a yard sale event but he is pointing accusing fingers at the Los Angeles Police Department for harassing him during the event.

According to TMZ, Chris Brown had planned a yard sales at his San Fernando Valley residence on Tuesday, November 5, 2019. However, things took a different turn when police officers arrived at the venue to stop the yards sales from happening.

The police authority had revealed that they got a call from someone that suspicious things were being moved into the property, a report Chris denied.

According to him, he was taking his personal stuff out of the house for the yard sales. Well, the Building and Safety official told TMZ that they had to go over rules with Chris on how to throw a garage sale, and what he was and wasn’t allowed to do.

The official said the Code Enforcement officer had to wait a while until one of Chris’ reps showed up, but he couldn’t say what specifically was discussed and why it took so long. But, he denies it was harassment.

TMZ says it source believes there were multiple visits by authorities and the authorities were trying to kill the yard sale, even though it was perfectly legal.

Brown’s lawyer got involved and pointed out that permits are not even required for this sort of activity in the city of L.A. However, the police continued to harass Brown’s team over the growing crowds and cruisers patrolled the area.

Customers are supposedly being allowed onto the property in groups of ten, where racks and tables of clothing are set up under tents.




Photo Credit: Getty Images

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