Clarence Peters Drops 5-Part X-Rated Limited TV Series, ‘HEX’

Filmmaker and cinematographer, Clarence Peters has officially premiered his 2015 award-winning short film “HEX” on YouTube.

‘HEX’ follows the story of a group of five young individuals who accidentally knock down a mysterious figure on the motorway turning their night upside down. It is the quintessential ‘Nigerian/Nollywood story’ of atrocity, guilt, spirituality, vengeance and the oft-disputable concept of karma, told with counter-cultural elements of X-Rating. Can they escape the hex that now hangs over their destiny?

The Clarence Peter’s directed movie stars Nancy Isime, Ayoola Ayolola, Kunle Remi, Scarlet Gomez and Roselin Afije.

Watch episode 1 (It’s all in Your Head):

Watch episode 2 (Pencil in the Hand of the Creator):

Watch episode 3 (22 Man Football Team):

Episode 4 (bloody Railing):

Watch the making of “HEX” below: