Comic Sensation Zfancy Plays Fake Wizkid Prank To The Public

Nigerian prankster and comic sensation, Zfancy took to the streets with his team as they did their first skit of the year which they titled “Fake Wizkid Prank”.

This new prank involves a Wizkid lookalike who is dressed to look exactly like Star Boy. The help of bouncers, policemen, and crowd control men are gotten to put up the show.

The person impersonating Wizkid was the young Instagram comedian, Simon Skye.

In the video, one can see fans of Wizkid go crazy on seeing him, unaware that he was fake.

To make this prank more believable, Zfancy included some Instagram comedians like Crazy Clown, Cute Abiola, Oluwadolarz and Vanjosh in the skit.

Watch the hilarious video below:

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