#DeepWaters: Nneka Nwando Agbanusi Talks On Self-Esteem

On the show ‘Deep Waters’ hosted by Debrah Waters, we had Dancer/Creator/Plus-size Influencer, Nneka Nwando Agbanusi.

The topics discussed during yesterdays show on October 10th, 2022, were about Mental Health and Self-Esteem.

When asked the question of how does someone know they have a low self-esteem, Agbanusi said, “Personally, you can’t really know if someone else has low self-esteem because people hide it. You sugar coat your life in public but when you are alone, the way you feel, how do you feel when you are alone with your thoughts, how do you reason things, how do you reason your life.

Nneka Nwando Agbanusi on #DeepWaters

“Are you looking at your life based on your financial status? Maybe you don’t have money and you’ve always found yourself around people who do. Maybe when you go out, maybe you have friends who come from rich homes and you see that they have a lot, they have access to a lot, it is their life, thats what they are use to.

“But you are coming from a different background so are you looking at yourself based on what you see other people enjoy and you feel like you haven’t lived life at all then it starts to affect you.”

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Watch below: