DSS Takes Over National Assembly

DSS Takes Over National Assembly

by | 7th August 2018

The operatives of the Department of State Service have blocked the entrance of the National Assembly complex as staff and lawmakers are shut out from gaining access.


Senator Ben Murray-Bruce took to his Twitter page to announce this, adding that journalists were not allowed to enter the complex.


“Outside the National Assembly chambers with other defenders of democracy; Senators and House of Reps members. A few of us finally got our way in, but the media have been blocked from entry. However, we have our phones & will make sure injustice doesn’t prevail. #SaveOurDemocracy”




In another tweet Senator Murray-Bruce announce they had entered the complex but still did not have access to the chambers.


“We will forever defend this hard fought democracy. Illegality will never stand! We are now in the complex but are yet to get access to the chambers as staff of the National Assembly incharge of this have been blocked from entry. #SaveOurDemocracy”