Federal Polytechnic, Ado Ekiti Shuts Down Indefinitely

Federal Polytechnic, Ado Ekiti Shuts Down Indefinitely

by | 9th October 2017
Federal Polytechnic , Ado Ekiti.

By Rita Obi


The Federal Polytechnic, Ado Ekiti was shut down yesterday after a violent protest led by the students of the campus.


The indefinite closure of the school was announced by the Registrar of the institution, Sade Adediran.


The immediate vacation of students from campus came with a warning that any student found on campus after the closure would be apprehended and made to face the consequences.


The protest came as a result of the death of two students. It was gathered that on Friday, two students complained of malaria and where taken to the school health centre for treatment.


But their condition became worse and they died in the early hours of Saturday.


The angry students blamed the school for the deaths of the deceased. They also accused the school of neglecting their welfare.


The students went to the health care centre, beat up the doctors and set the place ablaze. They also destroyed properties belonging to the school and restricted the movement of cars as they blocked all entrance in and out of the school.


According to the Rector, Dr. Taiwo Akande, the students went to the agriculture and biology centres and stole computers worth millions of naira and the centre for entrepreneurial development stole over 6000 chickens, cooked and ate them.


One of the students, who spoke under anonymity, condemned the attitude of the polytechnic authorities over their welfare and well-being.


He alleged that the only drug available at the health centre was paracetamol which was given to the students instead of malaria drugs.


So far the school authority has not released an official statement in regards to the death of the students.