Grand Theft Auto V hits 6billion dollars in sales.

Grand Theft Auto V hits 6billion dollars in sales.

by | 16th April 2018
GtaV makes $6billion


A new entertainment king is in town , and its called GTAV , (Grand theft auto 5) and since its release in September 2013, this bad boy has piled up $6billion in sales , a colossal  milestone in the entertainment industry . In September  2013 when the current installment was released , the title made more than $1billion in retail sales alone during its FIRST THREE DAYS  !!!, making it the fastest entertainment property to hit a billion . Fast track to April of 2018 , the franchise title has now claimed another spot as the most profitable entertainment property ever, ( its made more money than any movie, book , song, video ,or art  in all of history ) .



You may ask , whats in this game that has made its investors a whole load of profit ? , it could be the fact that it was  released on all gaming platforms – ps3, xbox 360 , after a year it got a facelift and stepped up to Ps4 and Xbox one , and was followed up by a superlative Pc port . It has a constant upload of fresh and engaging content in its multiplayer mode and finally its a cult classic that hasn’t disappointed . whats not to love ?



GtaV has shown the world that the gaming industry is a real cash cow , and the makers of this golden goose have another project set to be released in October of 2018 “Red Dead Redemption 2 ” we hope that this title can break barriers and set new records or atleast be worth our playing time .



  • GTA V has sold 90 million units since 2013.
  • 3 days into it release date in 2013 it made $1billion in retail sales .
  • The Franchise has made $6billion since its release in 2013 .