Hennessy Releases Third Episode Of “The Conversation” As M.I And Vector Have Face-To-Face Conversation

Hennessy has released the third and final episode of ‘The Conversation,’ as MI Abage and Vector tha Viper had an interesting face-to-face conversation that signals the end of their high-profile beef.

The conversation began with MI Abaga getting showed what Vector said during the conversation and vice versa. Each of them then had an idea what the other person said before they faced off in a conversation. During their conversation, they discussed the root of their beef and made certain admittances.

They discussed everything from the “kid” reference from Vector’s “Kilode,” the “short man” moment at the 2016 Headies, the open letter in 2017 and so forth. They then ended the conversation by admitting that they would be willing to collaborate with each other – which is just super-amazing for any Nigerian Hip-Hop fan.

Watch below: