How IK Ogbonna Deals With Admirers

How IK Ogbonna Deals With Admirers

by | 3rd August 2017



Model and actor, Ik Ogbonna in a recent interview with Silverbird TV talk about his life, career, his female admirers and more.



The actor since has talked about this in an interview with Vanguard when asked and he said;


I grew up having female admirers all my life- right from being a child. In school, I always had female folks flocking around me so I’ve always been used to them, so, it’s nothing new to me. Being an actor just increased everything and I have a lot of attention from a lot of people; a lot of people like my work, my presence. They like me for my style, people like me for different reasons.



In this recent interview with STV he says, “a lot of female fans know I’m married and respects it, a few of them, do not respect it…”



Watch the full interview below: