“I Don Tire” – Waje Considers Quitting Music

Female music star, Waje seems tired of music and has decided to call in quits due to the cost involved to make and promote music in Nigeria.

The Edo State born Afro-soul singer unveiled this news about her quitting music in a video, citing the high cost of publicity and low album sales as reasons, stressing that she is not prepared to invest in her musical career any longer.

In the viral video, on social media. Waje said, “After everybody shouted ‘Waje, your last album was how many years ago, please we need an album’. Where are all the people that were shouting?”

She goes on to say, “I don’t have money for publicity, I want to quit.”

Waje might decide to get involved in media business as the talented singer says she is teaming up with a fellow Nigerian singer and songwriter Omawumi as they have combined their talent, industry know-how and business sense to create Hernanes Media.

The duo had already concluded in 2017 that they will fuse their 25 years experience in the media to fuel a new generation” with a team of experts on board.

As regards Hermanes Media, it was revealed that, it provides services such as film/TV production, TV adverts, content creation, brand event activation, and creative digital marketing.

Waje speaking stated that, “We have a combined number of over 25 years of experience working in and navigating the media industry, which we believe can put into good use to fuel a new generation”.

Speaking further, she stressed that, they are joining forces with the industry to start reflecting their stories of consistency, hard work, collaboration, stressing further that, being the solution, they intend to be more expressive and innovative about their plan.

Watch the video below:

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