‘I Look Forward To Recording With Asa’ Says Brymo

Popular Nigerian singer-songwriter Brymo has admitted that he longs to collaborate with Asa, another country’s current international sensation.

The multi-award-winning artist took to his Twitter account on July 31, 2022, to announce that he is interested in working with the incredibly gifted Asa.

He tweeted, “I can’t wait to curate a tune or a few with Aṣa. You @Asa_official, are one I have dreamt, and still look forward to recording with… (and this is a cry for help, I’d love to do it soon…) lol”.

Asa replied that she was excited to work with Brymo as well, and she made this clear. Asa posted, “With Pleasure” in response to Brymo’s tweet, indicating that she would be open to working with the latter.

Brymo and Asa are two of Nigeria’s finest songwriters and vocalists so a collaboration between them will undoubtedly be explosive and feature layered composition as well as mesmerizing vocals.

A-Q and Brymo recently collaborated on an album, which critics and listeners alike have dubbed a special project. On a song with the equally gifted Asa, Brymo should test the limits of his abilities.