Instagram Influencer Sofia Cheung Dies While Taking Waterfall Selfie

An Instagram star, Sofia Cheung tragically fell to her death after she slipped while snapping a selfie at a waterfall in Hong Kong.

Cheung, 32, slipped and fell off the Tsing Dai stream in Tuen Mun, near the district of Yuen Long, at around 5pm on Saturday.

Earlier that day, Sofia, who was an active social media user, had set off with three of her friends for a day trip to the scenic nature area of Ha Pak Lai.

The group later visited the scenic stream and Sofia was taking selfies when she lost her footing and fell over the steep drop, tumbling into the 16ft deep pool below.

Her friends called the emergency services and first responders rushed to the scene.

Sofia was taken to the Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital in Chai Wan in Hong Kong. She was pronounced dead on her arrival.

The area of Ha Pak Lai, situated near Pineapple Mountain, is a popular spot for hikers, especially at sunset as it has picturesque views.

Sofia was well-known among her social media followers for her risky adventures, and she would often share pictures of herself hanging off cliff edges and scaling mountaintops overlooking steep drops.

She enjoyed spending time outdoors and her Instagram page, which had more than 6,000 followers at the time of her death, lists her main passions as hiking, kayaking, exploring, outdoor activities and photography.

Her biography says that ‘life should be fun not dumb’, while her Instagram feed is jam-packed with daring snaps seemingly showing her standing over perilous drops.

Her last photo, posted on July 9, was flooded with RIP messages by her friends and followers.

Below are some of her daring pictures: