International Kissing Day: The Health Benefits Of Kissing

International Kissing Day is an unofficial holiday on July 6 to celebrate the simple but powerful gesture of kissing.

From French kissing and a formal kiss on the cheek, to a kiss hello and a kiss goodbye – kissing is an age-old practice with significance that extends far beyond just romance.

Kiss is a beautiful form of expression of love that is sure to put a smile on one’s face. It plays an important role in strengthening relationships. It is not only good for physical health as it increases immunity and burns calories but also beneficial for mental health because it reduces stress.

Here are some interesting things about kissing that just might blow your mind:

Kissing Can Burn Calories

If you kiss your partner for one minute, you can burn up to 26 calories. If one kisses daily, it is also believed to increase the age of the person.

Kissing Improves Your Immunity

Mouth-to-mouth or sexual kissing is a part of 90 percent of human cultures around the world. Scientists believe that it could have an evolutionary purpose. Kissing your partner for 10 minutes helps swap around 80 million bacteria between the two of you. As gross as that sounds, sharing the bacteria helps equip the human body with powers to fend off infections.

Kissing Reduces Stress

Kissing has been shown to reduce stress and promote better health. Anything related to love and pleasure, which includes kissing, has a stress-relieving effect on the human body.

Kissing Heals

Stress can throw your body’s functioning off balance. The body puts important processes on hold to tend to the stress situation. That’s when a little cuddling can help. Since kissing is a great stress buster, it frees your body to focus on more important things like healing.

Kissing Makes Your Teeth Healthy

Kissing stimulates the production of saliva, which in turn neutralises the acids in the mouth and helps in remineralising the teeth. The excessive saliva also cleans food particles from the mouth. It even helps against bad breath by alleviating a dry mouth.

Kissing Improves Your Life Span

Given all the health benefits of kissing, it will obviously impact your overall well-being. Studies also suggest that kissing your loved ones every day has the power to impact your lifespan. The more you kiss, the longer you live!

The universality of kissing simply means that nature intended us to kiss for a reason. Apart from its obvious purpose, it has so many other benefits, so celebrate the day by laying a big kiss with your partner. It’s good for you both. 🙂