International Women’s Day: Top Silverbird Women Celebrate Special Day

On Tuesday, March 8th, International Women’s Day was celebrated across the world and top female management staff of Silverbird Group joined millions of women to mark this special day.

With the theme ‘Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow’, the General Manager, New Business/Special Duties/Group HR Coordinator, Mrs. Maureen Obiabumou, Country Manager, Silverbird Cinemas Ghana, Funmi Onuma, General Manager, Silverbird Film Distribution, Rosana George Hart, and Former Business Manager, Silverbird Communications Abuja, Omolola Oladimeji discussed issues as it affect women via Zoom Conference call.

Speaking, Obiabumou congratulated all the women across the world as she highlighted the contributions of the womenfolk in the areas of politics, business and technology.

“For me I have a few opinions about the female gender and how we can expand. I think women and sustainability for me are two sides of the coin. They go hand in hand. Diversity is important if we must achieve sustainability”, she said.

Making reference to United Nations Knowledge gap, she said, what percentage of the female gender is equipped to foster the goal. It is easy to clamour, the question is how equipped are women?

To Omolola, the diverse challenges facing women can easily be summarised to include the lack of parity in wages, sexual issues and harassment, and lack of adequate sponsorship to enable women grow in work places.

Women make less money than what men earn even though they have almost similar challenges like their men counterparts.

While commending the efforts of women across the world, Omotola is still holding the views that the female gender should bring something to the table instead of giving excuses.

In her contribution,. Onuma urged women to balance their work life and personal life, adding that effective planning will go a long way in pushing women to the zenith of their career.

“If you don’t plan your life no one will plan,” she said.

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