Juliet Ibrahim Says Iceberg Slim’s Public Apology Came “Too Late”

Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim has broken her silence concerning her ex-boyfriend, Iceberg Slim‘s apology a few days ago, saying it is coming too late.

Speaking during an interview on Accra FM in Ghana, Juliet Ibrahim when asked how she felt about the apology, she said she appreciated it, but said she feels like it’s coming too late. She also said she was happy he came out to clear the air and the public now knows what happened to their failed relationship.

“I feel like it’s coming too late, but I appreciate the fact that he’s apologizing and he’s clearing the air. Cos I remember when it started, everybody was claiming and attacking me. I have no idea why they will always attack the woman when something happens or when breakup happens”.

Speaking on how she was able to breeze through the negative reactions that followed their breakup, Juliet Ibrahim said:

“Well, that was life. I went through it. I was strong enough to ignore all the negative comments and negative remarks that were made on me and attacks. I’m just glad”.

“I know he’s a very good person, so for him to do this, I just hope that it helps with the healing he talked about. I’m glad that he came out and everybody knows what happened”.

She went to say that she had forgiven him for everything he had done to her but there isn’t any possibility of them getting back together. However, they are still friends and colleagues and only keep in touch once in a while.

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