Kanye West Leaves Jay-Z’s Tidal Over Money Dispute

Kanye West Leaves Jay-Z’s Tidal Over Money Dispute

by | 3rd July 2017

Rapper Kanye West has allegedly taken the decision to split from his former best friend Jay-Z’s streaming company Tidal.


TMZ reports that Kanye believed he was owed upwards of $3 million for bringing in new subscribers via “The Life of Pablo” and was not being properly compensated for his music videos. When Tidal didn’t meet his request, Kanye reportedly had his lawyer send a letter to the company around a month ago, alleging breach of contract and asserting that the relationship had been terminated.


This news is the most recent in a series of spats between West and Jay Z. On Jay Z’s recent Tidal exclusive “4:44”, he references a $20 million loan and West’s claim that Jay refused to call him: “‘Ye / You gave him 20 million without blinkin / He gave you 20 minutes on stage, fuck was he thinkin’?”


Tidal is now threatening to sue if Kanye jumps ship, and Kanye is threatening to sue right back.