Rapper/Producer Kanye West has made an announcement that he no longer has any interest in politics and would be leaving to focus more on his creative works.


Earlier in the week it was reported that West had designed a line of apparel with various shirts and hats that had the slogan “Blexit” on them. Blexit is a movement meant to urge African-Americans to leave the Democratic party.


West on Twitter said he’s been “used” to spread messages he doesn’t believe in. He singled out Candace Owens, a conspiracy theorist and the outreach director for Turning Point USA, a conservative outreach organization that targets college students.


Candace Owens, who invented the Blexit movement said at Turning Point USA’s black leadership summit on Saturday that West had designed the logo.


West refuted that claim saying on Twitter he didn’t create the logo, but merely introduced Owens to the person who did.


In a series of tweets, West outlined some of his political beliefs before explaining that he was leaving politics.


See tweets below:











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