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Mayor Of Atlanta Declares November 18 ‘Davido Day’

Popular Nigerian artist Davido has received a huge honour from the Mayor of the city of Atlanta, Andre Dickens, who has acknowledged the significant contributions of the singer to the entertainment scene in Atlanta.

This recognition comes in the wake of Davido’s headline A.W.A.Y. Festival at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, prompting the Mayor and the Atlanta City Council to officially designate November 18 as “Davido Day” in appreciation of the artist.

In a heartfelt birthday message to Davido on November 21, 2023, the mayor commended the singer for captivating audiences globally and achieving iconic status in the music industry. The mayor expressed gratitude on behalf of the City of Atlanta for Davido’s tireless efforts as a singer, songwriter, producer, business leader, philanthropist, and community advocate. The mayor noted Davido’s extensive list of accolades and his continuous commitment to using his platform for charitable initiatives in the United States and various African communities.

The Atlanta City Council, in an official statement, declared, “Be it resolved that we, the members of the Atlanta City Council, on behalf of the citizens of Atlanta, do at this moment proclaim November 18, 2023, as Davido Day in the City of Atlanta.”

Furthermore, the Fulton County Board of Commissioners also extended honours to Davido by proclaiming November 21 as “Davido Appreciation Day” in Fulton County, Georgia. The Board recognized Davido for his notable contributions to the music and entertainment industry and officially designated November 21, 2023, as a day to appreciate and celebrate the artist’s impact in Fulton County.

The Board stated, “Be it resolved that the Fulton County Board of Commissioners recognizes David for his contributions to the music and entertainment industry and does at this moment proclaim Tuesday, November 21, 2023, ‘Davido Appreciation Day’ in Fulton County, Georgia.”


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