Mayweather Vs McGregor: The Money Team Vs The Notorious

Mayweather Vs McGregor: The Money Team Vs The Notorious

by | 22nd March 2017
Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor.

By Adenike Olusiku


A matchup like this is literally the kind you dream about but never expect to happen. Its like having the compilation of the best football teams in world and putting them together in one league which is impossible.


This should be impossible but who doesn’t want to see a Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor fight. These guys are possibly after boxing legend Muhammad Ali, the best trash talkers in their field. They psychologically win the battle before they throw a punch or a kick.


McGregor after beating Poirier, talked about his win at UFC Fight Night in Boston in 2015. He said ‘It’s tradition. I remove a head, I bring it backstage, I place it on Mr. Fertitta and Mr. White’s desk: Here you go, Boss. Another one done. And then we talk big business…and big business just happens to be in Viva Las Vegas.”


On the other hand Mayweather said the UCF which is where McGregor is signed to should be called Undefeated Floyd’s Championship, “Of course, we all know what UFC stands for – Undefeated Floyd’s Champion”.


With a record of 49 wins out of 49 matches and 26 of those wins coming by knockout, Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr is considered to be the Greatest boxer of all time, a five division champion and an undefeated champion of the world. He was ranked the greatest pound for pound boxer of the last 25 years by ESPN.


Mcgregor has history himself as he became the first fighter in the UFC’s history to hold titles in two weight divisions simultaneously (The featherweight and the lighterweight title). Also In 2015, at the UFC 194, McGregor made history by defeating José Aldo for the UFC Featherweight Championship knocking him out 13 seconds into the first round. This was the fastest victory in UFC title fight history.


These fighters are not just record breakers but histroy makers and one things is sure to happen if or when thisbout happens is that history will be made again.