Mitch Angelo Shares “Trade Secrets” On New Album

Talented Nigerian artiste, Mitch Angelo is back and has dropped his debut album titled “Trade Secrets”.

This album comes after his previous bodies of work “Second Chance First Impression” E.P, “Last Minute” E.P, “Surface” E.P and “Last Minute 2” E.P.

Talking about the album, this is what Angelo had to say:

We need to talk, but not just with words that speak from the surface, but ones that resonate our true secrets. As both trade emotions, let it be known that we tried to interact from our souls; that is how communication should be, that is how we should #tradesecrets

Expressed with the intent of connecting with those burdened with the symptoms of midlife crisis in their early twenties, being inspired by love yet never lucky with it.

Mitch Angelo’s talents can not be slept on as he is a true lyricist with a lot of stories to share.

“Trade Secrets” is out on all platforms now. Listen below:


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