‘My girl gotta buy a ring and propose on both knees’ – Wizkid

Nigerian popular singer, Wizkid has revealed how he wants his proposal moment with his partner to be like.

In a post shared via his Snapchat page on Tuesday, July 6, 2021, the music star said his future fiancee would buy the engagement ring and propose to him on her two knees.

“Big shoutout to da one ima spend the rest of my life with whoever you fucking are! You go try with this mad man. BTW my girl gotta buy me a ring and propose to me on both knees,” he wrote.

Apart from being one of the biggest music stars from this part of the world, Wizkid is the ladies’ favourite.

He, however, already has been linked to several women including his three baby mamas; Sola Ogudu, Binta Diallo and most recently, his manager Jada Pollock.