Offset Beats Gun Charges Due To A Federal Investigation

Rapper Offset can breath a slight sign of relief after he caught a major break in his gun case in Clayton, County Georgia.

According to TMZ, on Tuesday (July 9) the Clayton County District Attorney’s Office decided to drop the charges on July 1.

The Migos rap star was arrested last July after cops claimed he made an improper lane change and drove his Porsche erratically.

As it would turn out, the ATF requested for local Clayton County cops to target and stop Offset, so they could identify all of the passengers in the car, because of a larger investigation.

When the police searched the car, they found a gun and arrested the rapper for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

The D.A.’s office decided to drop the charges at the request of the U.S. District Attorney since there is an ongoing federal investigation into Offset for some reason.

While the investigation was news to his attorney Drew Findling, the fact that the charges were dropped was not.

“We have received no information to indicate that Mr. Cephus is the target of any federal investigation,” Offset’s lawyer Drew Findling said in a statement.

Findling said footage from multiple officers confirmed Offset never violated the law, but he was stopped anyway, illegally.

“In the many hours of video footage from multiple officers, no traffic violation is captured, and at no time does any officer claim or mention that Mr. Cephus failed to maintain a lane which was later used to try to justify the stop,” Drew Findling said.

He also claims Clayton County cops seized $10,000 from Offset and his money somehow mysteriously vanished, which has sparked an internal investigation.

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