Rohr Warns Over World Cup Pay Strike

Rohr Warns Over World Cup Pay Strike

by | 17th October 2017
Gernot Rohr.

By Azunna Ikechukwu


Super Eagles Coach, Gernot Rohr has warned against another pay strike at next year’s World Cup if the National team hoped to improve on their previous outings at the World tournament.


Last time out at the 2014 World Cup, the Super Eagles missed a training session so as to protest the non-payment of bonus for qualifying for the tournament forcing the country’s sports minister to fly out by private jet to pay them almost $4 million cash in Brazil.


Gernot Rohr said he believes the Super Eagles can improve on their best World Cup performance of a Round of 16 by good and early preparation as well as ensuring money issues are sorted out well in advance.


The Nigerian team and Federation as a whole will be paid a total of $12.5 million by FIFA for qualifying for Russia 2018 with $2.5 million of this amount paid for the Eagles to prepare adequately for the football showpiece.


They will earn more cash should they reach the knockout rounds of the tournament as they have done in 1994 and 2014.


Nigeria have so far used a total of 37 players for the qualifying tournament for Russia 2018 and they are all entitled to a share of a qualification bonus.


Rohr said, “If we want to do something at the World Cup, we have to prepare well, we want everybody who wants to be part of the team to show the same solidarity we currently have in the team”.


“More importantly, we don’t want the issue of money to be a problem.


“The issue of bonuses and allowances, which are the usual African problem we see during the World Cup, must be avoided. Such issues will be bad for our preparation. I have told my officials and the federation president that all such issues be cleared before the start of the competition.”