Shania Twain Looks Happier Than Ever In Her Music Video For ‘Life’s About To Get Good’

Shania Twain Looks Happier Than Ever In Her Music Video For ‘Life’s About To Get Good’

by | 31st July 2017


Shania Twain’s music video for her latest single “Life’s About to Get Good,” is every bit emotional as it is uplifting. While the summery song is about living in the moment and looking to the future, the Canadian star used the video as an opportunity to close a few chapters in her life, including her marriage to producer Mutt Lang.



The video starts off with the mother of one reflecting on her ex-husband while signing, “I wasn’t just broken, I was shattered/ I trusted you so much, you were all that mattered/ It killed me that you’d give your life to be with her.” Her spirits are quickly lifted when a team of housekeepers burst in to help the songstress purge her home of sad memories.



And while Shania is happy to let go of everything that represents her past, there are a few items she refuses to give up. Namely, a gold fringe leather jacket and the iconic men’s shirt, black corset and top hat ensemble she wore in the video for “Man I Feel Like a Woman.”




The stunning landscape of the Dominic Republic acts as the perfect backdrop for Shania to reclaim her spot in the sun, after struggling for many years to find her voice. Following her split from her husband and writing partner (Mutt co-produced all over Shania’s music up to now), the 51-year-old lost her ability to sing. She recently revealed that her vocal problems were not linked to her marital struggles, instead were caused by dysphonia, resulting from Lyme disease.