IJ presents the Afternoon Drive from Monday to Friday, 2pm to 6:30pm and anchors the shows on Sundays, she also reads the news on her shifts. On Monday, she anchors the "Magic Monday" where she talks about current issues affecting the people in their locality on the first half of the show and the other segment is used for give aways on "Magic Monday" which stands as the magic for the afternoon. Listeners love freebies.

Tuesday is for "Medical Tuesday". Doctors are sent from the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) Bayelsa branch to discuss different health topics with the presenter on air.

On Wednesday she anchors "Cupid Wednesday" for relationship issues. Mid-tempo love songs are played during the duration of this show to blend with issues being discussed.

Thursday is themed "Family Thursday" where strictly marital issues are discussed.

She anchors "Freestyle Friday" where lighter topics are discussed, gist about the weekend and local artistes get some interview. And on Sunday she anchors the Lakeside Testimony and Sunday Request Show

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