Trevor Noah Jokes Over Audu Ogbeh’s Pizza Statement While Nigerians React

Stand-up comedian, actor, and TV host, Trevor Noah, has made fun of a controversial statement made by the Minister of Agriculture, Audu Ogbeh.

Ogbeh while addressing the Senate committee on Agriculture in March, disclosed that Nigerians were now making orders for pizza from London and receiving them via British Airways.

“Do you know, Sir, that there are Nigerians who use their cell phones to import pizza from London; they buy in London and bring it on British Airways in the morning to pick up at the airport. It is a very annoying situation and we have to move a lot faster in cutting down some of these things,” Ogbeh said.

Noah, the host of ‘The Daily Show’, a late-night television talk show on Comedy Central, wondered why Nigerians would fly past Italy to get British pizza.

“You’re telling me Nigerians are flying past Italy to get British pizza?” he wondered, adding that if that is the case then Nigerians should just “fly past Amsterdam to get weed in Romania.”

This is not the first time the comedian has made a joke about Nigeria. He first mocked Nigeria after President Muhammadu Buhari refuted allegations of being a clone from Sudan.

On social media, many Nigerians react to Noah’s joke positively while other don’t see the funny side to it.

Check out tweets below:

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