Twitter Celebrates Nigeria’s Independence With Special Emoji

Twitter Celebrates Nigeria’s Independence With Special Emoji

by | 28th September 2018

With the anticipation of Nigeria’s 58th Independence Day on October 1st, Twitter celebrates this historic day with the creation of a special emoji.


The special emoji pictures the map of Nigeria, cast in the national colours of white and green, with a soaring red eagle, evoking the Nigerian coat-of-arms.


It can be unlocked by using these hashtags #NigerianIndependenceDay #NID18 #NigeriaAt58 or #HappyIndependenceNG.


The Vice President for Public Policy and Communications, SinĂ©ad McSweeney, said, “Twitter is the place to follow politics, and where citizens can share views and interact with each other. #NigerianIndependenceDay is celebrated all over the world, and with this emoji, we want to help users celebrate this special day in Nigeria and and thus make a positive contribution to the conversation online.


“Nigerians are using Twitter more than ever to discuss their interests. This emoji makes those conversations all the more colourful.”