US 241st Independence: Symington Urges Nigerians To Embrace Peace

US 241st Independence: Symington Urges Nigerians To Embrace Peace

by | 4th July 2017

As the United States of America celebrates her 241st independence, Ambassador W. Stuart Symington, the U.S ambassador to Nigeria spoke on the key factors that has made the U.S a great Nation while also calling on Nigerians to stay unified.


“From almost every single Nigerian that i’ve asked, from one end of the country to the other have answered this question the same way. When asked what they like about the country, each said that they like the Nigerian people.


According to Ambassador Symington, Nigerians said that they like the resilient, diverse, warm and energetic nature of its people and also the fact that whatever happens, they figure out a way to make a difference together.


“So you know, all of these Nigerians that i’ve met, young and old are absolute believers in a perfectly wonderful concept called the Nigerian dream”


Ambassador Symington reminded Nigerians of the last word of the national anthem which is “Unity”


“I know another country that started 241 years ago whose first president said We have come from many lands and we speak many tongues but we’re united by one thing, this desire to live together and as a result to live bigger and better because we’re together.”


“That nation of the United States of America today is strong because it is diverse and it is strong because all of those people have found a way to work better and lift up the world and their country in the process”.


He further enjoined Nigerians to embrace peace and hold on strong to their country as the U.S has done over the years in order to reach her full potential.


Listen to Ambassador Symington’s full speech below: