US Embassy Suspends Interview Waiver “Drop Box” In Nigeria

The U.S Embassy and Consulate in Nigeria has suspended the interview waiver “Drop Box” application process, effective May 14, 2019.

This came to light when some Nigerians seeking to apply for the US visa via the Drop Box process on Tuesday were met with a message saying it had been suspended.

The Drop Box process is for those who previously were given two years visa of the US and who renew it less than one year after it expires.

The Interview Waiver Program (IWP), also called the Visa Interview Waiver Program, is a program managed by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs under which, under some circumstances, interview requirements can be waived for some nonimmigrant visa applicants.

This means that if travel is necessary and your visa needs to be renewed, you should plan ahead to accommodate for an in-person interview and the time needed for the interview.

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