Vera Sidika Reveals That Some Nigerians Call Her “Hushmummi”

Vera Sidika Reveals That Some Nigerians Call Her “Hushmummi”

by | 28th July 2017

Popular Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika has a lot of fans in Nigeria. Due to her lavish lifestyle, Sidika has won herself a lot of admirers.


Perhaps it’s her lifestyle that made some of Nigerian fans to liken her to another lavish spender in the person of Hushpuppi. Vera recently revealed this via her Snapchat account.




The self-acclaimed boss lady also took to her Instagram page to speak on why men with small organs shouldn’t cheat on their girlfriends.


“If you’re a man with a small or microscopic *ick & you’re dating. You don’t deserve to cheat on your Girlfriend. Why you wanna embarrass her by showing the world what’s she’s managing all these niggaz will break a good girl’s heart & run into a chic like me don’t worry sis. I’m his KARMA. I’m about to do him dirty ION; London summer s*cks. I need some SUN!”