Wale Looks To Make A Career Change

Wale Looks To Make A Career Change

by | 1st August 2018

Rapper Wale has had a success music career but it seems as though he wants a new challenge in Hollywood.


In addition to working on new music, the hip-hop star revealed that he has been in the studio every day for the past two months but at the same time he’s also been focused on making the switch to acting.


There had been publications that reported he hit a few stumbling blocks in the process to which he admits to.


“Right now I’m trying to get into film and there have been some walls in front of me that I wasn’t expecting, that I probably wouldn’t have had to go through five or 10 years ago,” he told Billboard backstage at the Los Angeles stop of the Careers in Entertainment Tour. “It’s a difficult industry. It’s also small.”


“There’s regular Hollywood and there’s black Hollywood and trying to find your way is tough,” he admitted. “There are certain circles. There is no rhyme or reason why this person got this role or why this person is. It’s really hard to explain.”


Wale, 33, has had some experience in acting as he appeared on the HBO show “Crashing” as a mixtape hustler alongside the show’s star, comedian Pete Holmes.


“That was fun,” he said smiling. “We turned down some roles but we’re doing some things in film here and there. If we’re both lucky, you’ll see me (on screen).”









Photo Credit: Wire Image