Watch Burna Boy’s Interview With Trevor Noah On “The Daily Show”

Talented Nigerian artist, Burna Boy was a guest on “The Daily Show” hosted by Trevor Noah recently, and they had so much to talk about and catch up on.

The Grammy winner discussed making his critically acclaimed album “Twice As Tall” on Zoom, having his mum, Bose Ogulu, as his manager, and becoming the first Nigerian artist to sell out Madison Square Garden.

When asked how he was able to record the “African Giant” album during the pandemic using Zoom he said, “It’s not like Zoom has a recording studio. It was basically the laptop with all the parties involved and while we are making music and stuff, everyone was like “this is the song we have to choose,” and it just worked out.”

On having his mom as his manager, he replies, “It’s not all peaches and roses, but it’s a lot of food and that makes me happy enough.”

Watch the interview below: