Watch Damian Marley’s Captivating African Tour Documentary, ‘Stony Hill To Addis’

Watch Damian Marley’s Captivating African Tour Documentary, ‘Stony Hill To Addis’

by | 1st August 2017


A week after releasing his first studio album in over a decade titled Stony Hill , Damian Marley shared his journey touring Africa in a gorgeous three-part documentary series on TIDAL. The series is called Stony Hill to Addis and is directed by B+.


In a sense, Stony Hill to Addis is a tribute to his fans. It captures the elation and ennui attached to coming home.


In an interview with OkayAfrica, Damian said:



“Africa plays a big part in my life and my upbringing in Jamaica, in reggae music and as a Rasta. Inherently there’s that vibe to want to go to Africa. It’s always been an ambition of mine to tour Africa. I always really wanted to go and do more than one show. Most of the time when we go to Africa, we go to one country or two.”



The documentary series shows us Damian’s concerts and experiences in South Africa, Kenya, and Ethiopia. Even though artists face a lot of challenges when they organize tours in Africa, Damian persisted because he felt it was important to show that tours can happen in Africa just like other continents. The documentary, for him and the crew, was also an opportunity to capture parts of Africa that have little to no information about them available to the rest of the world.



In the same interview with OkayAfrica, Damian also said:


“It’s important to let people know that we’ve been there, to showcase what we’ve been trying to do with our music, and that side of Africa that most people are not expecting.”



Speaking about the West’s media coverage of Africa, he added:


When you’re living in America, most of the media that you see about Africa is about wildlife and about nature, you know, animals and stuff like that. You don’t really get to see a lot of what’s happening in the metropolitan area. You know what I mean?”