Watch Maleek Berry In ‘Been Calling’

Watch Maleek Berry In ‘Been Calling’

by | 2nd August 2017


Since making the switch from music producer to artist, Maleek Berry has been a force to be reckoned with. Maleek’s consistency in delivering hit songs, as just this year alone, he has given us about six songs from his singles “Been Calling”, “4 Me”, “On Fire” and “Bend It”, to his impressive features on Star.One’s “Okay” and YCee’s “Juice”.


With his second single of 2017, “Been Calling”, the artist-producer created a classic song inspired by phones and relationships



In the clip, we see Maleek’s love interest, the lady he’s been calling, pine over him almost as much as he does for her. As some sort of solution to said pining, she enters ‘Berry’s Room’, a quasi futuristic motel-like room that includes a set of VR glasses with which she imagines Maleek and herself reunited in a pastel-coloured desert.




Aside from the dreamlike use of pastel colours, Meji Alabi’s inclusion of mirror illusions and geometric shapes makes the video’s effort to be innovative/modern even more commendable.