Yomi Fabiyi Debuts Film Based On Baba Ijesha’s Sexual Assault Case

Controversial Nollywood actor, Yomi Fabiyi has debuted a new feature based on the ongoing sexual assault case involving colleague Baba Ijesha and comedian Princess.

In the film titled ‘Oko Iyabo’, Fabiyi depicts Baba Ijesha as a victim of a set up orchestrated by Princess. The characters in the film take on the names of the individuals involved in the case including actress, Iyabo Ojo whom the story seemingly centers around.

The Iyabo character is portrayed first as a young child from a dysfunctional home. Princess’s foster daughter is also portrayed as a young woman in a consenting sexual with Lanre (Baba Ijesha). The movie stars Fabiyi, veteran actors Adewale Elesho and Lola Idije.

Fabiyi’s new move comes as no surprise as the actor had since promised to make a movie of Baba Ijesha’s ordeal and Iyabo Ojo’s involvement. Both Ojo and Fabiyi have in recent times exchanged heated arguments online over the ongoing case with Fabiyi insisting Princess set the embattled actor up.

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