Saturday, May 25, 2024

DJ Switch Denies Report Of Arrest, Threatens To Sue

Nigerian disc jockey and activist, DJ Switch, has denied recent claims of her arrest by the police and has issued a threat of legal action.

Earlier reports from a gossip blog suggested that DJ Switch was detained by the police in Lagos for obstructing their duties.

Taking to the social media platform, X (formerly Twitter), DJ Switch refuted these allegations, asserting that she does not advocate or support violence against law enforcement officials.

She expressed frustration with the dissemination of false information, emphasizing the detrimental impact it has on shaping public perceptions.

I was woken up by a barrage of calls and text this morning. I wondered why because I know today is not my birthday. Only to find that I, have been arrested . One of the links that was sent to me alleged that I had assaulted the police. Now, while I am not a fan of many of our police men and women, I do not condone nor do I support violence against the police, she said.

The outspoken activist further stated that her legal team is actively working to have any inaccurate information found on blogs removed, and she warned of potential legal consequences for those who fail to correct the misinformation with accurate details.

The Public Relations Officer, Lagos State Command of the Police, Benjamin Hundeyin has since clarified that he misled the blog and it was DJ Commissioner Wysei not DJ Switch that was arrested. Apologies for all inconveniences to a few media outfits, he said.


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