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Nancy Isime Reveals She Prefers Kissing Veteran Actors In Movie Scenes

Popular Nollywood actress and media personality, Nancy Isime recently revealed her preferences when doing intimate scenes in movies are veteran actors.

She addressed the controversy surrounding a scene with her and veteran actor Richard Mofe-Damijo in ‘Shanty Town’, where the latter appeared to touch her breasts before it was revealed that a double was used.

Isime clarified that many people assume actors and actresses enjoy sex and kissing scenes. However, she dislikes such scenes because they are just part of the script.

In an interview with media personality Dadaboy, the actress explained that she prefers to share such scenes with veteran actors who understand the dynamics of the scene and are always professional about it.

Isime’s remarks indicate that she is more focused on her craft as an actress and does not derive pleasure from intimate scenes on screen.

By choosing to work with experienced actors, she ensures that the scenes are executed professionally and effectively, without compromising her comfort or safety.

She said, “Well, it’s a script, and yes, I do kiss in movies. But why will I enjoy it? 5,000 people around you. Enjoy what? I never enjoy doing anything. There are cameras around; it’s a scene. I prefer to actually have kissing scenes with seasoned actors who understand the professionalism of a kissing scene or a sex scene.

“Sex scene, of course, because everybody is all dressed up, but there is movement.” So there are literally people who understand the job, are focused, and are literally just running through a script.”

When asked if she would ever go topless for a role, she said, “I don’t know. I don’t know, that’s the truth. I don’t know. I’ve not been met with that kind of script. It has to be for a scene that is probably not sexual. Probably something that maybe something is happening. Like Blood Sisters now. [Something like] there’s a killer coming so there’s too much suspense for you to even look at my breast. Do you understand?

“Let me tell you something: look at Blood Sisters. They saw the side of my boob, that is enough for them to say “oh look at that scene”, but nobody talked about it because the next thing fiam fiam, it’s too much, that’s what I’m saying. That kind of scenario where it’s totally necessary. But for a sex scene, I can depict sex without you know, body being open.”

The issue of sex and its depiction has caused a lot of debate in the Nigerian film industry, with many calling it culturally wrong while others think it is art.


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