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Actress Victoria Inyama Says She Suffered Physical Abuse And Mental Abuse From Ex-Husband

Nollywood actress, Victoria Inyama has accused her former husband, Godwin Okrim of physical and mental abuse during her time in the marriage.

In a recent interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo, Inyama alleges traumatic experiences she faced including physical violence triggered at times by her ex-husband’s reactions to football matches.

The actress alleges that her ex-husband would subject her to beatings, particularly when his favourite football team, Manchester United, lost a match.

“My ex-husband was physically, mentally, and psychologically abusing me. When my husband hit me for the first time, I didn’t believe it, I was in shock,” she began. Going on, she expressed disdain for the club.

She said: “I hate Manchester United, ehn. The number of beatings wey dem beat me because Man United lose match ehn. Even up to today when there is a football match and Man U loses, I am like ‘Thank God, today would have been a beating day.’ Even my son knows and would be laughing.”

The actress said that the abuse extended beyond physical violence, to include instances where her ex-husband would bring his girlfriends into their home, allowing them to dictate household matters. She recalled one incident where a girlfriend even instructed her on what to cook, undermining her autonomy in her own home.

Inyama recalled: “Oh wow, yes. There was even one instance where the girl was telling me what to cook. saying that I should not be cooking meat; I should use fish because it’s healthier.”

Despite the challenging circumstances, Inyama emphasised that she never fought back physically, as she believed it wasn’t the right course of action.

Inyama reflected on her decision to leave the marriage, acknowledging the sacrifices she made. She expressed gratitude for her three children, whom she considers her diamonds born out of the fire she endured.

The actress stressed that she has no regrets, emphasising the importance of going through challenges to uncover valuable lessons and treasures.

Watch the interview below:


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